Night 4 Zines

Night 4 Zines was a publications-based event that acted as an alternative to traditional publishing launches. Organized by students, artists, and designers, a non-transactional space was provided for an informal book launch with community programming. Night 4 Zines was created with the intent to showcase traditionally uncentred voices and narratives within the Toronto self-publishing community.

Our experiences as marginalized creators are felt privately so why not celebrate our successes together.

Night 4 Zines was coordinated by myself with support from Sheila Sampath’s Nano Publishing course. Thank you to participating artists and those who were not able to make it: Rakshanda Khan, Vincy Lim, MAKE! SHIFT! LOVE! [Keet Geniza], Loretta Miauw, and Rabeea Syed. Thank you Seiji & Kaythi for their activist book club “Patchwork Primer” and for sharing a brief history of lesbian publishing. Thanks to Megan Amanda for the beautiful photos and Sheila Sampath (the Public) for the guidance and encouragement.

Patchwork Primer (How Do We Find What We’re Not Looking For?)

Hosted by Seiji & Kaythi –
Patchwork Primer is a compiled publication and book club workshop that focuses on histories of lesbian publishing. Attendees were invited to read as a group from several text excerpts giving a brief account of the role of lesbian publishing in western history and challenges that arise in small-scale publishing.