Nukkivi and Mimimi

Artfight 2022

Mimimi and Nukkivi find a cozy field to make flower crowns and take naps in (^‿^)zzz

Experimenting with Tove Jansson’s style! Went all out w my first artfight attack and drew @steinbit’s Moomin OC with my mumrik!

 Stein’s Moomin OC, Nukkivi, sitting in a flower field with sleepy eyes. My Moomin OC, Mimimi stands on a rock to place a white flower crown on their head. Nukkivi is a bit different from Moomins, they are much fluffier, have round ears, and a round fluffy tail. Because they sleep so often, moss started growing on their back. Mimimi is a mumrik with black hair, eyes, and an orange mark across their forehead, nose, and the rim of their ears. Mimimi wears a pink flower crown, a white shirt and a green pinafore. They both have rosy cheeks and twinkles next to their head. The background is filled with white and pink flowers of various shapes and sizes making for a cozy whimsical image resembling the source material.