Toronto Pride 2017

DIY Love: Queer Knowledge & History: Then, Now, and Forever

DIY LOVE 2017 was a public wheat pasting workshop at Pride Toronto’s 2017 Street Fair in celebration of LGBTQ2S+ activist knowledge facilitated by a group of LGBTQ2S+ artists, designers, writers, and curators. With the intention of creating a wall that celebrates queer knowledge and history, parade goers had the opportunity to wheat paste using pre-made and donated posters, co-create with the posters, or simply make their own!

The project is supported by OCAD University, Xpace Cultural Centre, and Toronto's larger LGBTQ2S+ community. We would like to thank the artists and groups who kindly donated posters and other content to the project: Anthea Black, OCAD U Student Press, Patterns Magazine, The Public, Francis Tomkins & Yasmin Emery, and Mary Tremonte.
This project was created by Lex B., Will Carpenter, Kaythi, Natalie Mark, Seiji, John Wigle, and Maya Wilson-Sanchez.

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Print ready, high-resolution scans of each poster can bedownloaded here for you to print at home! –

On site photos compiled by XPACE –